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I am looking for a general estimate as to the amount of users our cloud ArcGIS Server environment can handle. I understand that this is a very open-ended question with multiple variables. However, I am simply looking for a baseline estimate. We have a 3 tier system, web server, application server, and database server. Application server is 32GB of RAM and 2 vCPUs, database server is 32GB of RAM and 4vCPUs, web server is 12GB of RAM and 2 vCPUs. Most users will be consuming via ArcGIS Online or Flex apps and doing minor editing and viewing of data. For most maps/apps, the basemap is cached and other services draw dynamically from FGDBs using direct paths unless being edited then they'll use SDE direct connect feature services. We allow 5 instances per service. I have seen the CPT and System Designer tools but am looking for a more generalized estimate since I don't actually know the specs of the physical host servers.