How to Buddy Up AGO Tiled Service with AGO Feature Service?

Discussion created by ajmorris on Jun 10, 2014
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I've got a map, and I've added a hosted tile service. I did NOT create the map from a webmap like this:

Rather, I just added the layer using the AGO endpoint for the tiled layer, like this:
   new ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer("http://tiles.arcgis.com/tiles/...", {})

I realize that I can't identify on a hosted tile service. But, upon map click, I'd like to access the underlying feature data. I don't want to display the popup, because I need to do more than that.

I certainly don't want to add the Feature Service to my map, because I don't want to render all of those vectors, and I need to use the cached service for display.

I've read about how you can "buddy up" a hosted tile service with a hosted feature service. I've published both to AGO. But, what am I missing?

I might expect that when those two are buddies, it might expose a "Query" operation on the Tiled layer. But, that's not happening.

I might expect the Tiled service to have special constructor parameter that allows me to specify the URL for the Dynamic service. But, there's nothing in the documentation.

So, what does it mean to "buddy up" these layers, and how can I take advantage of that to execute a query against the feature data that underlies my tiled layer?