Facility ID using Object ID to autopopulate wrong values.

Discussion created by ONUS_GIS_ftbragg on Jun 10, 2014
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I have been on the phone with ESRI for hours and hours over various days, we still cannot find a reason or a solution to this issue.

I did not originally create our sde database.  There is of course an object ID field, we have a Facility ID field, it autopopulates when a feature is created.  I would like to stop that, also the big problem is that for example, my fire hydrants have a facility id that the engineers use, I need to keep that ID the same throughout the life of the hydrant.  I created a new feature class for the hydrants with more fields and a neater layout.  When I use the object loader to transfer the old hydrants data to the new feature class all of the feature classes are renamed using the object id value.  I tried to use filed calculator, did not work, I tried to just manually change the field to the value I wanted it to be and it would snap back to the default value. 

I really need an answer on this, it's been weeks of researching what could be the cause or what the solution could be.

I am using arc 10.2.1 and sql server also windows 7