Latest AMD having problems with index.html file

Discussion created by saqib.amin on Jun 10, 2014
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I had a legacy ESRI JS site, I have now upgraded this to include the latest AMD and ESRI JS API.

All the files are stored in a folder called "site", in a browser, when I type "http://site/gis.html" ("gis.html" was added in the site properties in IIS), the new AMD site loads with no errors and functions perfectly in all browsers, Firefox, IE, Chrome. When "http://site/" is typed part of the page loads, without the map etc and displays the following errors in the console:

"NetworkError: 504 Unknown Host - http://infowindow.js/" --------------------------- infowindow.js

Error: scriptError ------------------------------------------------------------------- init.js (line 15)

...a){return"[object Array]"},f=function(a,c){if(a)for(var d=0;a[d];)c(a...

src: dojoLoader -------------------------------------------------------------------- init.js (line 41)

info: ["//InfoWindow.js", error ] ----------------------------------------------------- init.js (line 41)

. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- init.js (line 41)

As a test, I copied the old site over and just typing "http://site/" and this as expected calls the "gis.html" file and the whole site loads.