Double click on layer doesn't enlarge the map in the IE10

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Hi Everyone, I just joined here and this is my first question here, If I did something wrong ,Please kindly correct me . thanks.

I am just a newbie of Arcgis javascript , I created a map which contains a layer . The layer has pop-up infowindow whenever I click on the layer.
The webmap can be viewed from

and Currently the map can be shown successfully in my web site except a problem .

I used below code to generate the map.
var mapDef = esriUtils.createMap("8e900bdba72f451cbf5141a9a6073532", "divMap");//divMap is an id of div.
mapDef.then(lang.hitch(this, function (response) {
                var map =;});

I found If I viewed it in the browser chrome/Firefox/IE9. Double-click on the layer will zoom-in the map immediately.  But if I view it within IE10/IE11 . double-click will pop up a infowindow which contains a link "zoom to"  to make the map zoom in.

So my question is can I disable the popup infowindows and just enlarge the map immediately when double click on my layer in IE10 ? (I just want only the single click to popup property window.)

If it can not be made or Arcgis doesn't support, Someone please tell me , thanks you in advance.

Any comments are appreciated.