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compare two raster and find which pixels were removed

Question asked by lpalao on Jun 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2014 by lpalao
Hi ArcGIS users,

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I want to compare my two rasters: 1) a reference raster and 2) a raster that result from merging different rasters. What I did was to clip the reference raster with all the administrative boundaries (around 81 shapefiles) - so it produces 81 raster layers. Then when I compare the sum of the clipped rasters per province the number of pixel count were reduced (~200 pixels). So what I did was to merge again all the clipped raster so I can compare it with the reference raster. And as I initially suspect, there are discrepancy on the pixel count. I need to locate where are the pixels that were removed, but I cannot find an appropriate tool. can somebody help me on this?

Hope my query is clear!