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Any?! news on the front of spam combatting on the ESRI forums?!

Question asked by mboeringa2010 on Jun 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2014 by vsfoote
To Jim Barry and other ESRI employees: is there any news about when we can expect some significant changes to the ESRI forums to combat spam?

I must say I am at the point of giving up and thinking: let ESRI solve it and clean up the mess! This means I will no longer bother to clean up the spam and move it to Trash in the wee hours the ESRI employees are taking a nap on the other side of the globe.

I think we all agree this is a totally unacceptable state for the Forums to be in. That a single spammer can use bots to haunt the forums for months on end, and not being locked out definitively, is something to really think about. I have never seen this happen on any other forum like this.