Feature Serivce is confused

Discussion created by Lori.Koepsell on Jun 5, 2014
I have an odd issue with my feature services/geoprocessing service.  I have  a feature service created so that a web user can make changes to points and polygons and it updates once the webpage is refreshed.  The data goes into an SQL database.  The SQL databases show the all the adds, deletes and edits, but when I look at the .mxd that created the feature service in the first place the points/polygons do show up but the attributes are empty when I select them from the Table of Contents.  Even weirder when I select the point/polygon with the "identify" button in the mapviewer I get the information about them correctly.  That just doesn't seem  correct if the attributes are empty yet they show up on the mapviewer of my mxd.  I am confused and any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.  Oh and  I am using 10.2.2