Discussion created by agray1 on Jun 5, 2014
Hi I am trying to understand the difference between the C++ cross platform API and the desktop Visual C++ API.  I was looking at the TinToPoint sample that is in both the VC++ API sample and the C++ cross platform API.  I understand how the include directories are set up from the cross platform API, I don't understand how it is setup for the VC++.  I understand the binding to the production (with ArcGISVersion.dll) is done in VC++ because it is similar to binding in C# or, but that whole thing is not done in the cross platform but it still works on my workstation... 

I have other code that is structured like the cross platform where the license fails to initialize completely.  It doesn't do the binding (ESRI_SET_VERSION) but I am not sure if I need that or not...  Maybe someone can clarify why the two APIs are different (although I am using VS 2010 in both cases.)