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"Poor Mans" create child geo dbase workflow

Question asked by kltrooper on Jun 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2014 by asengupta
A gis administrator, passing thru our office, mentioned that we could set up a "poor mans" versioned editing scenario by creating 4 "child" geo dbases of a parent, that 4 of us could edit and then roll the data back into the parent. There is no chance that we'll edit the same feature; we just want to do some "stand alone" editing, but insure we are using the exact same attribute schema and be able to, efficiently, roll our new data, daily, back into the parent geo dbase.  We don't have arcSDE available, yet. The resource help seems to indicate that SDE is required to create replicants, although the gis admin's comment context is that our 10.2 standard licenses would allow us to do this.
    After researching the ESRI help the closest I've come to figuring out how to do this is the data management geo processing tool:  "create replica"  I've tried all of the options, in the pull down, for this tool to create a simple child of a personal geo dbase, which contains a single point feature class: the tool fails every time I run it. I'm, likely, missing a step or not setting the geo dbases or tool parameters correctly.  There is also a toolbar, distributed geo dbase. We're not locked into trying to figure our any of these options and are open to someone suggesting a workflow/geo processing tools/toolbars we could use?