More questions on the Telecom data model: patch cables?

Discussion created by housewren on Jun 5, 2014
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As mentioned in my previous post, I am trying to use the Telecom Data Model for a small university campus.  The external backbone to our network is in fiber optics with patch panels in each of the buildings.  Fibers that enter the building are either patched through the patch panel to a transceiver (which I'm still not sure how to model either) or through the same or another patch panel and out on another cable to another building.  I currently have a table which indicates the beginning and ending ports for each patch cable

How are patch (jumper) cables modeled, or are they?  I suppose I could include them in the Fiber Cable feature class with a Fiber count of 2, but then I have to draw them and the distance they go is at most only a few feet.  To me, that doesn't seem like a very good solution.  A patch panel could have 100 of these patch cables, and I do not need to know the geographic location of each patch cable, only what patch panels and ports it is attached to on both ends and somehow relate that to the fiber on the other side of the patch panel.

If patch cables aren't currently modeled, what would be a good way to do it?

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