Script to Combine Commands

Discussion created by pjordan@drcog.org on Jun 4, 2014
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Ok, not sure if I can even do this in Python or if I have to find another method (like Macros which I do not know how to program in ARC).

  I have a linear referencing system of roads that I am modifying.  Before making Hot-Keys, I have to right-click on the line:
Route Editing
-> Drop Measures

Route Editing (again)
-> Set as Distance (equal to 0)

Route Editing (again)
-> Apply Factor (0.000189393)

  I have since made hot-keys for each command, but that still means hot-key to drop measures, hot-key to Set Distance (enter to accept 0), and then the last hot-key to Apply the Factor and manually enter in the 0.000189393

  What I would like to do is somehow have all these combined into one single button that I can then hot-key and press to do everything.  Would Python be the way to do it as these commands aren't in ArcToolBox or in any specific shapefiles (I would like this function to be added to ArcMap as a whole?

  Or would I have to combine and define these commands some other way?  Not a programmer so really unsure how to go about this.