Matching and Merging Data into Shapefile Attribute Table

Discussion created by sjmcgrane on Jun 4, 2014
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Hello all,

I'm hoping someone might be able to help me, as I feel this is (or should be) a relatively easy task.

I have a polygon shapefile map of all postal codes for a particular area of the UK. My headings include (as an example):

FID   POSTCODE   PC_AREA   Shape_Leng   Shape_Area
1      RG123PO     RG            1769.282817  117848.418381

In a separate Excel file, I have population variables for each postcode area in the following format:

POSTCODE  Population  Male  Female  Occ_Houses
RG123PO    100            50     50       50

Is there a simple way for me to add the Excel file into the attribute table for the polygons that matches the postcodes and inputs the population accordingly?

When it comes to coding, my background is incredibly limited (which is to say, I don't do it) so writing algorithms/coding to solve the problem isn't an easy option for me.

Any help/insight greatly appreciated!