Does Collector for ArcGIS work without arcgis.com?

Discussion created by japete02 on Jun 3, 2014
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Basic Question - Does Collector for ArcGIS work without using ArcGIS.com subscription?
If not, does anyone know why?  Are customers that choose not to use ArcGIS.com being left behind?  Sure feels like it. The documentation says Collector is more streamlined for editing than ArcGIS for iOS or Android.  Why don't I get to use Collector?  I have ArcGIS Server Advanced Enterprise.  I can publish MobileWeb Maps to my mobile content directory that can be consumed and edited by ArcGIS for Android/iOS.  Feels like my organization is being "punished" because we have our own cloud infrastructure and don't need services hosted for us.  Am I being forced into ArcGIS.com?  Just want to know which direction I need to take my organization.  Is ESRI replacing Enterprise GIS with ArcGIS.com? Hope not...