Send "keepalive" message

Discussion created by gyetmanesri-ca-esridist Employee on Jun 3, 2014
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I'm setting up an input that reads text from a server via UDP with the GeoEvent processor as a client. It works fine using a handshake to sign in. However, the server requires a 'keepalive' message after a successful connection is established, otherwise the connection times out after 60 seconds.

Is there a way to send a message after the initial connection is made? It only needs to be sent once. I was thinking a second GeoEvent Process that sends the message via a udp-out output, but I'm not certain how to provide the text body to the output (it's a simple XML snippet), or how to specify that the message should only be sent once (if I tie it to the input I presume it will send after each received message).

Suggestions welcome!