Annotation stored in a database is not showing my leader lines

Discussion created by ONUS_GIS_ftbragg on Jun 3, 2014
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I am using 10.2.2, I initially tried to use just plain annotation to label my features.  This however was not useful as it was very laggy and took at least 30 sec or more to choose each individual annotation.  ESRI help did not have a clue as to why this was happening.  We tested and showed that storing the annotation in a database was much quicker.  This being said, I really need it to have leader
lines, when I initially labeled the features I did make the label the way I liked with the leader lines, once it got into the annotation 
format in the database the leader lines mostly disappear and the ones that show up disappear when I adjust the label. 

I am using Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise

Any clue to why this is happening would be wonderful!  This map was needed last week!