SQL Update to Versioned View Could not Be Replicated

Discussion created by dmi_gtg on Jun 3, 2014

I have an arcsde geodatabase i.e. X geodb , it is replicated to Y geodb, using parent to child replication, both geodatabase using SQL Server. Than edit a feature class in that X geodb using arcmap and succesfully synchronize to Y geodb, it means the feature class in Y geodb edited too. But the problem comes when I edit using SQL Update.
here is example of sql update:

update X.dbo.featureclass_VW set area_ha = 6.39 where objectid=2;

this update is succesfully affected to the feature class in X geodb, because when I open it in ArcMap the value of area_ha is changed to 6.39. Then I run the replication synchronizing to Y geodb, after synchronizing completed, the value of area_ha of feature class in Y geodb not changed.

Any advice for this problem? thanks in advance