GP service cannot connect to sde

Discussion created by jorisb on Jun 3, 2014
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Recently we updated from ArcMap 10.1 to 10.2.2. ArcGIS Server is still on 10.1. We have numerous GP and Mapservices that were published on ArcMap 10.1 and are still running without problems.
I also published a Map service from ArcMap 10.2, with data in an Enterprise GDB that is registered, without any problems.
Now I have a python script that uses data from the same DB and works perfectly in ArcMap 10.2. I can publish it but when I run it, it fails on the first arcpy.Exists(sdeconnection\\FeatureClass).

According to this link I should however be able to publish form 10.2.2 to 10.1 without too many problems?

Any ideas on what could be wrong? I guess it should be the data connection. But my Map service uses the same SDE, so my data should still be accessible.

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