Using a single login with multiple users

Discussion created by whsgis on Jun 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by burrito_mike
I teach High School GIS and we also have an institutional account with AGOL.  It was suggested to me recently that, instead of creating an account for every student I should just create one account for all students in each section of the class.  The advantage would be that I do not have to manage multiple institutional accounts.  As of right now, the way we receive the account is through a grant which allocates them as 100 users per institutional account.  Therefore, if I exceed 100 I have to maintain them on more than one account.  There is no problem getting more slots but it gets cumbersome when structured this way.  We will also be expanding our user pool to include some science students as well so our numbers will increase even more.

Are there any usability issues with the idea of giving all users in a class the same login and password?

Thanks - Steve Cline