Combining rasters and producing a table -- most efficient method

Discussion created by palermopenano on Jun 1, 2014
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I have a geoprocessing tasks that requires combining rasters with a polygon feature class and producing a table containing the information of the foregoing files.

I have the following geospatial data: a polygon file containing municipality boundaries called mun and 8 raster data representing a type of soil--call them soil1, soil2, etc.

The municipality polygon file has in its attribute table a column containing a unique id identifying each municipality. Each soil raster, on the other hand, take a value of 1 if the cell is of that raster's soil type (soil1 for example) and 0 otherwise.

The end product I need is a table where each row is a pixel from the raster and the following fields: municipality id, soil1, soil2, soil3,...soil8, where the soil fields takes the values 1 or 0.

I'm looking for the fastest way to accomplish this task (in terms of geoprocessing time) and so far I've tried the following:

I used the "Polygon to Raster" tool to create a raster of the municipality polygon file. Then I will use the "Combine Raster" tool to combine all nine rasters (the new municipality raster I created and the eight soil rasters). Right now I'm still trying to create the raster for the municipality polygon file and it's taking a very long time to complete (it's still running and 7 hours have passed). Thus, I imagine that the combination of all nine raster will take an even more significant amount of time.

Any suggestions of other ways to accomplish this task that may be faster?

Thanks for your help