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Entering non-printable characters into a field

Question asked by BlairServicessLLC on May 30, 2014
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Hello -

I've been dealing with a few cases where a non-printable ASCII character, such as "ENQ" (ASCII 005), have gotten into my data from a load from another source.  These can cause problems with interfaces so we're trying to eliminate them from the current data.

My question is this.  We don't want such characters to be added by users editing the data going forward.  I know that the "ENQ" character can be added in Notepad++ by typing ctrl+E, and that typing ctrl+E in a field in the ArcMap Attribute Editor results in no character added -- which is good.  I just cannot find definitive documentation that non-printable characters cannot be added by a user into a field using ArcMap.  Is this the case?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.