Converted GDE to SDE and GPServices now cannot open

Discussion created by MikeEber on May 30, 2014
We just completed converting our data from a filebased GDE "database" to an SDE on SQL Server.
We changed our code to grab the connection string, changed our usage from IWorkspaceFactory to IWorkspaceFactory2, and call OpenFromString to get to the SDE database.

When we compile and open our services in ArcMap (in preparation for publishing them as a GPService) the services will not open.  This is symptomatic of Arcmap unable to find the schemas specified in the database.  This was proven by the ability to open the one service call that just takes an integer as a parameter.  (no schema access needed)

I saw the all of the schema names changed from {schema name} to {server name}.DBO.{schema name} so changed all of the code to specify the new schema names in the database.  However that hasn't changed anything at all.  Nothing opens.

What must we do to get our services changed and running under an SDE database and published?