CSV Troubles

Discussion created by chagan02 on May 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2014 by chagan02
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to do a couple things with CSV layers and also have a couple issues. 

1.  I've noticed that when I update the actual CSV file itself, the map does not always update, and I cant pin down why.  Do I have to remove old layers first before I add a refreshed layer?  If so, what method would I use?

2.  How in the world to you plot CSV points with a text symbol that happens to be one of the attributes of the csv?  And how would you make that text symbol click-able such that it displays the CSV file attributes in a popup?  I have searched high and low online and can find a relevant example or thread post.  I have tried using a labellayer which displays the attribute field, but that is not click-able.  I need to be able to click on the CSV points and get that points' attributes in a popup.

Thanks in advance!