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'Public' AGOL maps are requiring a log in, even though they are PUBLIC!

Question asked by glund_UW_Tac on May 29, 2014
Latest reply on May 29, 2014 by simo
I have two classes of students creating AGOL (ArcGIS Online) maps and apps.

All are to be 'Shared' publicly, and it appears as though the students have 'shared' properly, however, when clicking on the links, a log in page pops up. (Map/Apps 'try' to load but default back to the log in page). Believe me, I checked their settings! :-)

Some of the students' URL's require a log in (which we do NOT want). We want their awesome Maps and Apps visible to everyone.

I have found two 'semi-answers':
In a Forum discussion I read that I should enable anonymous access to our Organization, but we do NOT want to do that.
We don't want to allow anonymous access to the group.
We want the students 'Publicly' shared maps to be viewable via the public without requiring a log in.
And since some of the links work, I am inclined to think our settings are properly set for what we want.

In a different Forum discussion it suggested that perhaps the original map from which the app was based, was not public. We are looking into that, but I am 99% sure that both were public. Everything in their account is public.

Just to clarify, in the organizational settings, they are granted permission to make things public. (It is a requirement that I give them, that their work IS public).

AND... some students' work is loading fine (story maps, swipe-maps, etc). So it can't be the settings.... right?

Thanks in Advance for any assistance, and I apologize if this is answered elsewhere, I sincerely attempted a thorough search for an answer prior to posting a new forum discussion.

Gregory Lund
University of Washington