select date field by attribute - FGDB layer joined with query layer

Discussion created by deleted-user-ugCMpXci8bn5 on May 29, 2014
I am trying to select rows with a date value past a given date.
The original layer is stored in a file GDB, and is joined to a query layer  derived from a SQL Server table.  The field I am selecting (a date column) is from the query layer.

I have tried a number of combinations that I have read to use for either SQL server of FileGDB tables.  All of them result ion an SQL error, except when I use this format:
(field) = date '1999-01-01'

which results in no selections, even if I pick a date from the 'Get Unique Values' panel.

The dates and times in the column are given as such:
1/15/2000 4:45:00 PM

What am I missing here? Thanks, Jason