Auto incrementing ID field alternative to ObjectID

Discussion created by jill.slater on May 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2014 by tpcolson
I am looking for suggestions for how to implement an auto-incrementing ID field as an alternative to ObjectID in an Arcgis geodatabase 10.2.1 and SQL server 2008. We have learned the lesson to not use ObjectID as a feature identifier on the user end of projects because the ObjectID will not be retained if we need to migrate data.

I know it is not possible to use the Identify function in SQL on a versioned dataset. We are exploring using a trigger on the adds table to auto generate based on the previous record, but I am not sure the logic will work. Has anyone had any success creating a separate auto generating ID field?

For our project this needs to happen on the backend in the SQL server because we have both a mobile app with offline editing, and also a web app all editing the same data source.