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PLEASE HELP! Creating Address locator - Not enough Reference Data

Question asked by warice.berwyn on May 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by heresme
I was able to create an address locator Dual Range with Street Midline data, but now I'm trying to create a single house address locator using city parcel data (Polygons). I joined a data table of city addresses to my Parcels layer using a PIN (Property ID Number) in order to have St_Num, St_Name, Etc.

When I try creating the locator, I have Parcels as the Primary table and from what I read, the data table has all neccessary credentials to be executed, but I can never run the tool because it's telling me that I still do not have enough reference data.

I'm wondering why this is and what I should try to do to get this to run.

Please Help!