Deeply stuck adding one marker to a map

Discussion created by hingkyzer on May 28, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by timw1984dev
I've been stuck now for 2 days using the new code syntax ("require" vs "init()").  All I'm trying to do is put one marker on a map.  I have an example page here:


I have no errors, I can copy and paste the source into the sandbox, it runs, no marker shows up, no errors.  I'm hoping I'm missing something really simple.  I know doing it the old way with "init()" and "dojo.require" I could add a marker no problem.  Any help really appreciated.  I agreed to do a local developer meeting on ESRI javascript again tomorrow and really just want to show how to make a map and add one point.  Been stuck for hours.