Samsung Galaxy Camera Attachment Issues

Discussion created by ccheeseman on May 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by sobrienHEI
I posted this earlier on another thread but realized that thread had been deemed resolved. This issue has not been resolved.

This issues seems to stem from the camera application using too much memory that it "steals" memory from Collector causing it to hang.

We just purchased a Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 inch model. I have made sure the OS is fully up to date and I have tried several Camera apps. When ever we collect a point and then add an attachment the app hangs where it shows the name of the map in the top bar and then just holds the data in edit mode. You have no way out. If you press the back button the app will ask you if you want to discard the point and even when I have gotten back to map view the point is highlighted and any touch of the screen moves the point to that location.

I have tested my map on a Droid DNA and a Nexus 7 tablet with absolutely no issues so this looks like a Samsung issue.

I do have an SD card in the tablet and I noticed that it stated that the SD would be used for storage and not the main drive. Could this cause the issue? I do not have external cards in either of the other two devices.

I thought I was good to go because I had tested fully on other devices and now I was getting ready for field deployment with our new gear and am now may be in real trouble. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks.