request for more details in examples

Discussion created by hingkyzer on May 27, 2014
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I've noticed throughout the API there are areas like the one I'll highlight on this page: 

This is example of how to do something in your API:

  "esri/graphic", ...
], function(Graphic, ... ) {
  var myLine ={geometry:{"paths":[[[-91.40625,6.328125],[6.328125,19.3359375]]],
  var gra= new Graphic(myLine);

The issue is what does "..." equal?  Like is is possible in the future to have a solid example for each function?  For example, if you are showing how to add a line to a map have the full HTML that just makes a map on a blank page and adds one line, something a coder could copy and paste and play with.   In the samples section I can't find an example that adds one line to a map, but tons thatdo all sorts of things on top of adding a line, and it becomes pretty hard just to add a line to map.  Maybe that is the goal, keep it hard and keep simple map programmers at google and bing.  I guess I recently hosted a developers meeting where we discussed using your code.  Since then all that attended have been frustrated away from ever using this code.  The issue with everyone is samples where things like  "..." exist making it impossible to just copy and paste an example into one's one code.  If I was to just make a blank map page with a line what would "..." be equal to, where do I find that.  It's the time people spend figuring this out that really pushes them away from ever using this system.