Creating a Mosaic Dataset

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hi there

I am using ArcGIS 10.2

I have created a mosaic dataset containing over 5000 jp2's

I am at the stage now of building overviews.

Just wanting somne advice about pyramids vs overviews and also statistics.

When i click the properties of each jp2 it shows that there are pyramids and statistics been calculated on each individual jp2.

I have not calculated overviews at this stage.
When I run the analyze mosaic tool the results return say there is no pyramids or statistic calculated

My problem is that building statistics, pyramids and overviews takes days so I want to get the settings right.

So just wanting some optimal settings


1. if i choose build pyramids what pyramid level should i choose or do I leave it at -1

2. Do I need to define overviews first or do I jsut choose bulid overviews

3. if i define overviews what are some optimal parameters could I choose