Geocoding on a 64 bit version 10.1

Discussion created by jorgevidinha74 on May 26, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2014 by dewright_ca
Hi ,
I have 10.1 SP1 installed plus the background geoprocessing patch for 64 bit geoprocessing.
Im trying to geocode a large file, so wanted to take advantage of 64 bits processing. My Surprise when i try to change properties of  locators  to make use of runtime memory limits to more the 2024 it gives me an error saying out of range limits. How can i process set up locators as described in

I also have enabled the background geoprocessing in ArcCatalog > Geoprocessing options and created a model to run the job, but when looking at taskmanager at run time its always a process of arccatalog (32bits) running and nothing related to 64 bits.

Thank you in advance all the support.