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replacing issues

Question asked by jbod78 on May 23, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by jbod78
hi all...
  i'm still a student and interning this summer and need some help in order to make my life easier.
I have a data set of parcels for an entire county and another list I wish to join to said county parcel layer.
my problem is this: the county parcel data layer has the tax id parcel number, but within said numbers are spaces and there is no set pattern to how they are in there. what I want to do is remove the spaces entirely so I may join using that field. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ex: this is what it looks like: 270- S1-  1F3-    0000
this is what I want it to look like: 270-S1-1F3-0000

without having to export to excel as 2007 only shows 65535 records and I'm dealing with over 90,000.
Again thank you for any and all help!