Updating AGOL Maps

Discussion created by Keljarrett on May 23, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by jessemaps

I have recently taken over the GIS functionality in our organisation and just want to check if the way we are currently using our maps is the most efficient. At present we are creating maps in ArcMap and then publishing as a service to AGOL. These maps are being used by people in the field and then we have a second map that is linked to AGOL where we can see all their edits etc.

The problem is that anytime we want to make changes to the features on AGOL e.g. modify domains or add in polygons we have created, we have to reupload the whole service again and modify all the maps we have created on AGOL. I know there is an option to overwrite an existing service but this seems to crash out whenever we try and use it.

Any advice on how I can improve the efficiency of this process?