Examples or Showcases of "stuck at the airport"-type apps

Discussion created by nengeesri-ca-esridist Employee on May 22, 2014
Hi folks,
Recently at the dev summit there were a couple of mentions towards leveraging esri api into existing native iOS app. I believe one of them was a nap app (find me the nearest napping area on campus), and the other was another type of transportation routing app.

Does anybody have examples or know of any app either on the app store or even on the android store that would be similar to a "stuck at the airport" scenario where the user could download the airport app and route to their gate, find the closest starbucks or point of interest, store and present coupons, provide user feedback to rate facility or mention that the bathroom is dirty, given the flight you jsut come off of, show you directions to your baggage claim, and route to your next flight...

I know there are lots of moving parts to this that would require intensive system integration with existing airport IT. But am wondering if there is such a thing already? I looked on the app store and haven't found any.