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Creating duplicate/stacked features

Question asked by cameron.bouchard on May 22, 2014
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by rfairhur24
The situation

  • I have a set of postal code boundaries (polygons) that cover all of Canada.

  • For each polygon, i have a postal code field. The postal code shown is the ground-floor postal code.

  • For each polygon, i have a field identifying whether that shape is used by multiple postal codes (appartment buildings have many postal codes due to population). This field, called MultiPC, is boolean.

  • I also have a look-up table that has a record for each stacked postal code for those appartment buildings. The primary field is the ground floor postal code, and the 'OtherPC' field is the stacked postal code. There can be many rows with the same primary postal code, for each of the OtherPC's. The higher the population of that building, the more stacked postal codes there are.

  • The last file i have is a population table. This table has population for all of the postal codes, including the multiple codes for appartments.

I would like to have a polygon feature class that has a polygon for each postal code, even the ones that have identical geography to another. The result would be stacked polygons representing appartment buildings. With this, i could join my population and when a spatial query is done, i can get an accurate count of population. This would also allow me to search any postal code and be able to find it (rather than the current polygon file that only contains the ground floor postal code).

I cannot complete this duplication task manually, as there are 29,000 of the OtherPC's. I'm hoping there is a way to create duplicates of each polygon for each of the stacked postal codes, based on the ground floor polygon.

Does anyone have any ideas how i can achieve this?