Geo- referencing Projected coordinated raster with GCS - ArcGIS

Discussion created by psat25 on May 22, 2014
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I have raster displaying Lat/ Long grid, but map information shows that, it s been mapped in Gauss Krugger projetion/ Beijing 1954. So, technically we need to geo reference the map in Gauss Krugger/ Beigjing 1954 Projectec Coordinated System in ArcGIS.

So, basically what I need to do is, georeference raster by input of Lat/Long, but need to update the georeferencing by projected coordinated system mentioned above.

In Global mapper, we can load the raster and enter Lat/Long available in the map, straight away it will be recalculated to Projected coordinated system.

Can we get anything same in ArcGIS?