Create Image service with Raster JP2 and JGW , JGW never read

Discussion created by xguillardsyco on May 22, 2014
Hello All,

I've created a program to automaticaly create a image service with raster JP2.
Some of my raster file contains a JGW file to rotate my raster to display in arcmap.
Whren i created my MapDocument with arcobject , I added my rasterfile with RasterDataSet.OpenRasterDataSet method.
Unfortunately , when my ImageService is created with mapDocument this raster layer isn't rotate and never reads associate JGW file.

My question is simple  :
Someone knows a solution to force my mapdocument to read JGW file to display my layer correclty in ImageService ?
If I open my raster in arcmap i've an option to  "Use world file to define the coordinates of the raster", But i've not found this option with Arcobject.