Distance in Spatial Join

Discussion created by claasen on May 21, 2014
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Hi there,
I am trying to create a distance matrix between a number of polygons and a number of points that are within a certain distance from the polygons. I managed to get exactly what I needed by using the ArcToolbox function "spatial join" (in Analysis Tools / Overlay) EXCEPT for one important detail: the distance can only be added to the result when the match option "CLOSEST" is selected. If I choose the match option "INTERSECT" (which I have to do in order to get the result needed) the distance field name is greyed out and the distance is not added to the resulting layer.
Does anyone have an idea how to get the distance between the polygons and the respective points?
So far, the attribute table of the resulting layer looks like this:
id polygon 1 - id point a
id polygon 1 - id point b
id polygon 1 - id point c
id polygon 2 - id point b
id polygon 2 - id point d
...and so on. It is important that double values are allowed. What I would need now is the distance in meters...
Any help is appreciated!
Claas, Hamburg, Germany