How to pass data to an ArcMap extension?

Discussion created by Fossi on May 20, 2014
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Hello experts,

I try to find a hint, how to pass some data (a session id, user name etc.) to an ArcMap Extension. I could use a file or the registry, but I assume there is a more elegant "in-memory" way?!

Perhaps I am just missing the right term. What I try to achieve is the following:

The data originates from a desktop application which shall start ArcMap and activate the editing via the IAppRot Interface.

I have an editor extension in ArcMap with an event wired to the "OnCreateFeature" editor event. When this event is fired, some of the attributes of the recent feature shall be automatically filled.

Has anybody done sth. comparable or is there any "best practise" to consider?

Any hint is appreciated. Thanks in advance.