The current table doesnt have an ArcSDE-maintained rowid column.

Discussion created by iamlaksh3 on May 19, 2014
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Hi All,

I am in process of upgrading my project (Arcobjects) code from ArcGIS 10 to 10.2. During this process one my functionality where data (geometry) is inserted to SDE Feature class (not registered as versioned) has been failed with below message The current table does not have an SDE-maintained row_id column [SCHEMA.TABLE_1]. This was perfectly working in 10.0.

Only change I have done during the migration process is Connection property INSTANCE name has been changed.
I have could able to connect

Database : Oracle 10.2.2 running on Linux box.

                                    featureBuffer.set_Value(insertUserIndex, insertUser);
                                    featureBuffer.set_Value(index, "Type1");
                                    featureBuffer.set_Value(versionIndex, "1");
                                    featureBuffer.set_Value(nameIndex, shapeName);
                                    featureBuffer.set_Value(originalSourceIndex, "Project");
                                    featureBuffer.set_Value(sourceIndex, "Project");
                                    featureBuffer.set_Value(insertDateIndex, DateTime.Now);
                                    id = Convert.ToInt64(featureCursor.InsertFeature(featureBuffer)); // Code fails here.