Updating field values to match new field domain

Discussion created by HavardMoe on May 19, 2014
The situation is like this: I have some shape files with a certain setup that I want to import into a feature class in a file geodatabase. For many of the fields I want to create coded value domains, while the existing data does not have domains.

The question is how I should go by to get the imported data to fit the coded values. As an example: For some of the fields I use a simple YesNo text feld list with two coded values: Y = Yes and N = No. Now, my data can have both Y and y for yes, and N or n for no. If the imported data have wrong case they won't end up with the coded value. Do I need to re-code this manually in the input data, or can I fix this after the import?

If it was only a few values in a few fields I could do this manually, but I don't see how it's feasible with the data at hand...