Collector 10.2.3 Authorisation Process

Discussion created by NSWRFS on May 19, 2014
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G'day All!

What are the supported authorisation protocols for Collector?
If a user can connect to the Portal via a web browser, shouldn't Collector also work?

We are trying, for security reasons, to have our reverse proxy server perform the authentication to the Portal server and then have the reverse proxy server pass back to Collector if it is authorised.

We have tested (on same tablet) no authentication between proxy and Portal;ie passthru:
- Collector App works
- Portal works via (some) web browsers

We have tried (on same tablet) BASIC authentication between proxy and Portal:
- Collector App fails
- Portal works via (some) web browsers (Chrome 34.0 chokes on a woff file and I digress)

I appreciate there are a few variables at play here and a better understanding of how Collector handles authentication would help some other pieces of the puzzle to fit into place.

Thanks for your time