run the sdemon command error(DB2)

Discussion created by y3213578 on May 18, 2014
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Hello all:
I'm on the window of the 64 systems installed DB2 V9.7 and spatial extender V9.7.
Creating an operating system account sde/123456, and add sde added to db2admns user group.
Creating a database mysdedb, and authorize: GRANT DBADM ON DATABASE TO USER SDE
Run db2se enable_db mysdedb command is successful,
DB2 administrator account is db2admin/db2admin.

Now I'm in this machine installed DB2 installed on the arcsde 10.1 for db2, and configured as follows:
-> sdeservice-o create-d DB2, DB2-0-p 123456

-> sdeservice-o register-d DB2, DB2-0-r ADMIN_DATABASE-v mysdedb

-> sdemon-o start-p 123456

Run sdemon, error log is as follows:
-------------------------------------------------- -----
ArcSDE 10.1 for DB2 Build 679 Thu Apr 5 11:43:21 2012
-------------------------------------------------- -----
Instance initialized for sde ...
Connected to instance ...
Previous SDE Server Release 0.0.0 is not compatible with the current Release 10.1.0.

Someone help me answer the above questions? Thank you very much!