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Shortlist prepared but How and Where to install?

Question asked by romogis on May 17, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2015 by ressinger-esristaff
Hello I have been attempting to produce a shortlist map for quite a while not but have had minimal success. I have prepared the map layers on a web map using the shortlist template provided online. However, since I do not have any coding or experience with hosting my maps since I am a student without access to a larger server, I was wondering if someone could explain how to proceed with the installation process.

I have followed the tutorials and done much research but am still confused by the installation step.

How do I handle the contents in the zipped file after replacing the sample data with my own data?

Where do I install these contents?

I don't understand what the "inetpub\wwroot folder" is for or how I am supposed to have access to a server to perform the installation stage.

I am not sure if my questions even make sense but if someone could please help clarify the installation step and the process of packaging, renaming and uploading the folder contents onto a server that would be greatly appreciated. The tutorials really glaze over this step and make some assumptions about hosting webmaps. I think I just need a more detailed information about this step and how to proceed with the packaged contents. Please help, I really want to learn how to make this shortlist map.

Thank You.