Best Practices for Uploading Imagery to AGOL

Discussion created by jb3t on May 16, 2014
I work for a small town and I want to upload my recent aerial imagery to AGOL.  The primary reasons are because our imagery is of better quality and I would like to be able to zoom into better than the 1:1000 scale that the Esri imagery provides.

I have created a tile package of my imagery and have stored it on my system. I created what I feel to be good scale intervals that work with my data. I am using NAD83 coordinate system and now put WGS84. I am wondering if there's any best practices for this?

- would it be a benefit if I kept the same scale levels at the Esri map and just add a few that let's me go below the 1:1000?

- what are benefits of using WGS84, will my data work with NAD83?

- any tidbits to offer?