ReclassByASCIIFile - Specify attribute/column in raster to use for reclass

Discussion created by matthew.barlow on May 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by curtvprice
Does anybody know how to specify the field name in the raster I am trying to reclass? I have a raster that I would like to reclassify using an ascii file that is generated via code. The reclass works fine, however it always uses the VALUE column in my raster. I need it to use a column that I created called FUNCTION.

Otherwise, I can use ReclassByTable, but I am not sure of the format of the file. I can't find any examples online about what the format of the reclass table would be if it is a text file and likewise how to specify which column in the raster to use for the reclass.

My other option is to ensure the VALUE column in my raster contains the values I want reclassed. However, this is generated from a shapefile and carries the FUNCTION column with it. Any way to repopulate the value column with the values I want reclassed?

Many thanks in advance. This is driving me crazy!