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SDE - change field from REQUIRED to NON_REQUIRED

Question asked by rastrauch Champion on May 15, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2016 by Grieck
How can I deleted a "REQUIRED" field?
I'm attempting to delete a field that I added thru a python script.  We (tech support and I) were able to track it down to my accidently adding it as "REQUIRED".   (Bummer!)   She's trying to track down the answer on that end, but I thought I would throw it out there to the user group in case anyone knows the trick to do this.  I'm assuming it will be a SQL-Manager hack.

I have tried all the typical ArcCatalog/Map/toolbox methods, and the "replace field" tool in the "X-Ray to Geodatabases" addin with the the "required" box unselected.  The replace-tool did create the temp field, but then still failed with the  "ERROR 001334: Cannot delete required field <fieldname>".

This is my "master" file (which I am doing maintenance one) with all the bells and whistles (versions, edit tracking, archiving, topology-rules, subtypes, domains, etc.) turned on, so I'm trying not to lose all that.  Worst case scenario is I lose the history etc (I'm assuming) and rebuild the subtypes/domains/rules and use the X-Ray tool to clean it all up.

Anyone know any tricks to get rid of the REQUIRED field without destroying my Geodatabase?

ArcSDE (SQL2008) 10.2.1. 

Thanks for any suggestions,