iSXBlue II submeter GPS and the ESRI iOS SDK

Discussion created by mikedmanak on May 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2014 by mikedmanak
So far the unit is quite painless to integrate.  Once turned on and connected for the first time it pairs easily to an iOS device, which recognizes it as a GNSS receiver in the settings app.  It seamlessly takes over for the internal GPS and delivers a corrected signal to CoreLocation.

Since all this is handled by iOS we get an improved signal, but not much else in the way of information.  Geneq, the manufacturer, is promising to release an API soon that will allow us to poll the unit for additional information and do some configuration... but until then we wanted a bit more information on what GPS we were connected to when our apps were running.

We ended up using Apple's ExternalAccessory library to create a listener to receive notifications when a bluetooth device was connected or disconnected from the iOS device.  When that happened we searched an array of connected devices to see if one of them was a GNSS receiver.  This doesn't really give us much info on the quality of the signal, but until the Geneq API is released this will at least let us  keep our users in the loop on which device they are connected to.

We are about to start field testing and will be launching into a summer-long field collection effort using iPads and the iSXBlue II.  Just curious if anyone else is using these units and if they have any experiences they'd like to share.