Load Point Feature Class through SQL Insert

Discussion created by jpmurphy on May 14, 2014
Latest reply on May 23, 2014 by ccleghorn-esristaff
What I am trying to accomplish:
Being able to automate data loading into a spatial table/feature class so that the data is viewable in the ArcGIS service after loading.  I know how to do this with just a SQL table with a geometry column but am wanting to make sure it is ok to do once registered with the geodatabase.

When reviewing the documentation about registering it says that you can specify an existing integer field to be the ObjectID field and that from then on the database manages the field starting at the highest integer + 1.  If I don't want to use arcobjects to load the data but instead use a sql insert statement is there a problem if a) I increment the objected field my self or b) specify the objected field to be an identity field and let sql auto increment it?

This data does not need to be versioned or edits tracked.

Is this the right way or am I missing something in the documentation to do this.  I have attempted this in a test environment and either option a or b above seem to work, but I wanted to see if there are any pitfalls to doing it this way.